Great success with the public for the inauguration of the exhibition “TecArt, art in a shrine,” held in the new Vaccheria Cultural and Exhibition Center, in the Rome Eur area. Born from the renovation of the Castellaccio farmhouse, this space of more than 1,500 square meters of floor space, which opened last September, is characterized by a double exhibition, one with an international slant, the other connected to local artists.
The curators of the exhibitions in Vaccheria, Giuliano Gasparotti and Francesco Mazzei, opened to great fanfare with the exhibition “Flesh: Warhol & The Cow,” dedicated to one of the world’s best-known pop artists, which will remain on view free of charge until March 31.

Cows watch the visitor from the walls surrounding the space once occupied by stables (the former feedlots are still clearly visible), while Campbell cans, Flowers, screen-printed faces of Liza Minelli and Marilyn Monroe, along with magazines, record covers and Brillo boxes, immediately recompose Warhol’s imagery and his ability to turn any commercial product from below into art.
In recent months the space has also been made active thanks to a massive mobilization of volunteers, and one can only hope for the continuity and growth of this project. And it really seems that Art is female since there are seventeen out of twenty women exhibiting: Giulia Sargenti, also a blogger for the Vaccheria, Mirella Rossomando, Maria Margherita Martinelli, SerGiotto Artist, Aldo Nigro, Alessandro Acciarino, Nuccia Amato, Pina Ianiro, Francesca Pellicanò, Beatrice Moggi, Nausica Art, Le Contesse De Marzo, Federica Bellucci, Maria Pia Gigliofiorito, Valentina Saracino, Evy Arnesano, Federica Casamatta, Dominga Pascali, Emanuela Ariu, Adriana Mancini.

On the afternoon of the opening, more than three hundred visitors were able to view the artists’ works in an unusual way, through a glass case in which each artist placed the very essence of his or her soul, personalizing the glass cubes with all those things, even the smallest, that give even more value to understanding the artist’s overall artistic value.
“It was a real honor for me to display my creations, as for all other artists, near the exhibition hall of the exhibition of the legendary Master of Pop Art “Andy Warhol – says Sergio Viscardi, aka SerGiotto, one of the twenty authors present – Nice to see that, viewing the SerGiotto Artist display case, visitors were attracted by my painting “The beautiful day,” which shows an irreverent middle finger raised to the sky, surrounded by a swirl of banknotes, for which people paused in front wondering if they were real or not.”
Another attraction of the exhibition was the painting “Me and You” (a static work that seems to move under the eye of the passerby, also by Sergio Viscardi). As he walked by and peered at it surreptitiously, the audience noticed with amusement the incredible optical effect, whereby the woman lying in the painting slowly became a man lying down, probably her lover.
But the success of the exhibition Mostra TecArt did not stop at the first day, as on the second day following the opening day, there were over one hundred and sixty visitors.

The opening event of TecArt was attended by the President of the Municipality of Rome IX, Titti de Salvo, Luisa Laurelli, Councillor for Social Policies of the same Municipality and the organizers of the exhibition, architect Arturo Tranfo and Carlo Pantaleone, as well as all the volunteer workers who, with patience, love and dedication lent themselves to the realization of a common dream, that of offering an exhibition space to so many artists, from the area and beyond, making it possible for the Municipality of Rome to open a space that had been renovated but had been lying closed for more than a decade. In the old stable where only fifteen years ago cows and calves ruminated, today not only Italian artists but also international artists will be able to exhibit free of charge, thus mixing different artistic languages to encourage the interconnection between peoples, in a mixture of arts that generates culture, to give the Roman public and the tourists who always visit the Eternal City, very pleasant artistic moments.
The exhibition is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Manuela Minelli

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