ComputArte presents its LOYAL Technology Decorative Home Server for PRIVATE AI

ComputArte® is a project that mixes technology and Art to give a new look and a new function to the PC. The collection includes more than 140 models and a patented cooling system for electronic components that allows us to integrate high-performance solutions, in extremely compact volumes and casings of various shapes, colours and materials.


The Bianca Miao© model in CompuGatto© version is the first VERY PC© in the world made of ceramic, cat-shaped and inspired by the myth of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet. It is positioned as a piece of furniture in the living room and uses, wirelessly, the TV as a screen. It is equipped with a sw infrastructure that allows the decoding of all data only locally (natively compliant with the GDPR with “Privacy by design” and “Privacy by default”).

We call it LOYAL Technology of self-learning PRIVATE AI because it offers all the benefits of technology, BUT it respects, defends and protects the privacy of the user in a sacred environment like home that does not deserve to become an aquarium!

It also configures a protected platform for added-value services provided by third parties such as tele-assistance. It has a dedicated section to operate as a block-chain node and offers a unique solution to monetize your data when, and if you want. Bianca was born eco-smileing©: all components are easily replaceable in case of breakage or need for upgrading. Soon it will be available for pre-purchase with a crowdfunding campaign (follow us for updates). Bianca is also made in versions for the furniture and art market and are already available for purchase on CeraMicino© (furniture accessory), LuMicino© (lamp), MusiGatto© (speaker), CeraMicino Arte (unique art pieces).


Cybertec Services srl è una azienda italiana con sede a Roma, che cura il Progetto ComputArte®. Miscelando Tecnologia e Arte realizziamo VERY PC: server casalinghi ornamentali. Questa tecnologia LEALE offre IA PRIVATA, con comandi vocali e gestuali per gestire in assoluta privacy e sicurezza la domotica, la tele-assistenza e la possibilità di monetizzare i PROPRI dati direttamente. Bianca è il primo PC al mondo in ceramica a forma di gatto ed eco-sorridente©.

…Cosa ?! …un pc a forma di gatto!! …in ceramica!! ….e molto potente!!…Si, e si chiama “Bianca” E cosa fa?…semplice, è un assistente virtuale LEALE che risiede in casa e non spiffera i tuoi dati a nessuno, perchè è talmente potente ed evoluto che accetta i tuoi comandi vocali e gestuali senza avere bisogno del “cloud”! …ma c’è di più… vuoi iniziare a guadagnare dai TUOI dati?…chiedi a Bianca! Seguici e supporta la campagna di lancio!

Cybertec Services Srl holds all rights, patent portfolios and trademarks. Juniper Research recognizes ComputArte with Future Digital Platinum Award 2020 for Smart Home Innovation.

Cybertec Services Srl is an italian company based in Roma which leads the Project ComputArte®. Mixing Technology and Art we make VERY PC : ornamental home servers. This LOYAL Technology offers PRIVATE AI with voice and gesture commands to manage in absolute privacy and security home-automation and tele-assistance and the possibility to monetize your own data directly. Bianca it’s the world’s first PC made in ceramic shaped like a cat and eco-smileing©

…What!? …a pc shaped like a cat!! … in ceramic!! ….even powerful!! …yes and it’s called“Bianca”. And what does it do?…easy, it’s a LOYAL virtual assistant that resides at home and doesn’t leak your data to anyone because so powerful and advanced that it accepts your voice and gesture commands without needing the “cloud”! …but there’s more … would you like start earning from your data ? …ask Bianca! Follow us and support our launch campaign

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