All 7 million flower bulbs have been planted in Keukenhof and the countdown to the opening on March 20, 2021 has started! Dutch astronaut André Kuipers lend a hand today by planting his own “Andre Kuipers” tulip.

André Kuipers saw earth from the sky during his space journey. The flower bulb region stands out because of the beautiful coloured flower fields. By sharing a satellite photo of the flower bulb fields and Keukenhof, Kuipers’ followers on Instagram could enjoy millions of blooming tulips, daffodils and other bulb flowers in the spring of 2020.

Keukenhof is looking ahead to 2021,” says Bart Siemerink, Keukenhof’s director. In the spring, Keukenhof is blooming again beautifully. It is special to see the colourful flower bulb region on satellite images and we cannot wait to show the park to visitors again. And those visitors will see a park that is just as beautiful or even more beautiful than previous years.

André Kuipers is happy to plant the last flower bulbs before winter sets in. “I look forward to spring when nature can present itself againin Keukenhof.

Every spring, millions of spring flower bulbs are in bloom in Keukenhof for 8 weeks. There are also more than 20 spectacular flower shows and surprising inspirational gardens. Keukenhof will be open in 2021 from March 20 to May 9.

Image courtesy of: Keukenhof