Forever Tags are digital ID tags you read with a mobile device. Each tag is linked to the cloud and can be edited forever. They are being launched at CES 2021.

There are two types of tags

  • Adhesive (1″ X 1″) Plastic
  • Laser Engraved Metal (1.5″ X 1″)

Each tag includes credentials (username and password) to enter your contact information on Then anyone who scans the tag will see your contact information.

Forever Tag solves the problem of inexpensively identfying your valuables with a pre-manufactured QR coded tag. QR codes can be read by virtually any mobile device. When a Forever Tag is read, the contact information of the tag/item owner appears so an item can be identified and returned to its owner. The digital information affiliated with each set of tags is customized and controlled by the end-user through an online portal called

The system that enables users to upload 2 photos and virtually unlimited text. The sytem also enables a “sponsor” feature so that an organization or group can digitally place their logo, a line of text and URL into a large group of Forever Tags following a simple upload procedure.

OEM manufacturers of products can use the database through a license and then develop and apply their own QR codes for their products.

Forever Tag is also designed for the Promotional Products market. Tags can be custom-imprinted with logos/text.