We are currently working on the LiDAR based algorithms and products.
Which are:
1) LiDAR motion interface algorithm,
2) LiDAR posture analysis algorithm.
With these algorithms, we’ve won the CES2021 Innovation Awards in three categories of two products.
We think it is quite amazing because, It is first to receive a CES Innovation awards at three categories as an undergraduate students’ startup.


Accessibility, Smart Home

LUX D102 (Lidar-Motion Interface Shower System) is a motion interface shower system that uses the lidar technology that can control temperature or water pressure by moving hands during the shower.
LUX D102 has a motion algorithm system called LUX MA-03 developed by LUX that analyzes the motion data using JAVA-based micro-controller system to control the shower system.
The purpose of Lux D102 is to provide easier access for everyone with convenient motion interface, especially for those that have physical restrictions such as disability and elderly. With the purpose of ‘Universal-Design’, LUX D102 will provide the most efficient access to everyone.


Smart Cities
LUX inc Neck Care is a working environment posture total care device that uses lidar technology. Neck Care checks users’ neck and back posture to prevent ‘forward head posture’ and check Carbon Dioxide concentration to care for user posture and maximize work efficiency.
Neck Care has an algorithm system called LUX HA-04 (Health Algorithm) installed on a JAVA based microcontroller system so that Neck Care analyzes the users’ neck and back posture.
Neck Care has a CO2 concentration checking function. Because a high concentration of CO2 is the main reason for drowsiness and it leads to ‘forward head posture.’
We’ve developed algorithms and product designs, and ready to build a product  we expect to sell these products at (LUX D102 : $850, NeckCare : $220)
We have PCT Patent and Korea patent related to these technologies (overall LiDAR technology which can used for not only LUX D102, NECKCARE, but also other electronic products)
So we expect to cooperate or technology transfer with other enterprises based on our patents and products.
With these goals, We want to expand the usage of LiDAR technology.