Pete Hoekstra, the United States Ambassador to the Netherlands, planted flower bulbs with the appropriate name ‘American Dream’ together with Keukenhof director Bart Siemerink. They look forward to a blooming spring in 2021 in which visitors can come to the park again.

Every year many Americans visit Keukenhof. It is still uncertain whether that will be possible next year due to the COVID-19 measures and possible travel restrictions.

Ambassador Hoekstra and his wife are regular visitors of Keukenhof. ‘Last spring, my wife and I were expecting visitors from the United States almost every week who were looking forward to visit Keukenhof’, says Hoekstra. Unfortunately it turned out differently but I hope they can visit Keukenhof next spring. We will then proudly show them the American Dream-tulips which we planted today.

For next year Keukenhof expects mainly visitors from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. ‘We look forward to open Keukenhof for visitors again in 2021’ says director Bart Siemerink. ‘’In 2019 more than 150,000 Americans visited Keukenhof. We hope to welcome them back to the park soon.’’

In 2021 Keukenhof will be open from 20 March – 9 May.

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